CST (Community Service Team)

If you are wishing you could seal up your windows better for winter or need assistance weather-stripping doors to keep out the draft…or…if you are just in need of some general home maintenance help, you are invited to call the Community Service Team (CST) of the Mad River Valley.  CST is a volunteer group that will help folks who need assistance in taking care of general household repairs.  Its focus is on assisting people who cannot afford to have paid contractors repair their homes.   While labor is donated, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of supplies. If this is a hardship, other avenues may be available for obtaining supplies.

The CST is led by members of the broader community and sponsored by the Waitsfield and Warren United Churches of Christ.  If you or someone you know can benefit from this type of assistance,  please call Rev. McHugh at 802-496-9511.

Members of the Waitsfield and Warren Churches assisted a local farm family following the collapse of their barn roof following a heavy winter storm.

Successful project have included:

  • replaced roofing
  • stacked firewood
  • snow and ice removal from roofs
  • rebuilt toilets and showers
  • electrical repair
  • painting (inside and outside)
  • built wheelchair ramp
  • rebuilt fences
  • yard work, grass trimming, brush cutting
  • spring and fall chores
  • planted community fruit & nut trees
  • repair of spring and well water sources