The Administration Ministry is responsible for maintaining the Church records, policies and procedures.  Additionally, this ministry oversees the different forms of communication in the church.  Some examples of these are: publicity, creating and distributing the Uniter (monthly newsletter) and weekly email updates.  Administration team members work closely with the Church Council. Arlie Belknap is our church secretary and can be reached by email HERE.

Church Council members:

  • Vince Gauthier, Moderator
  • Sandy Gallup, Financial Sec.
  • Ann Eardensohn, Treasurer
  • Arlie Belknap, Clerk
  • Jean Joslin, Christian Educ.
  • Anne Wallis-Bull, Member at Large
  • Deb Burbank, Member at Large
  • Vince Gauther, Investments Trustee
  • Susan Klein, Investments Trustee
  • Doug Graham, Investments Trustee
  • Diana Gauthier, Auditor