Summer 2020 Book Study

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Rev. Barbara Purinton will be leading us in a book group this summer.  We will be reading PREACHING AS RESISTANCE: VOICES OF HOPE, JUSTICE, AND SOLIDARITY. This book is both timely and timeless and is perfect for this time. This reading will be a nice addition for folks involved in the Mad River Valley Anti-Racism Initiative (MRVARi) but is intended for anyone and everyone who is interested.

Here is a partial description of the book taken from the UCC website:

“30 new sermons to empower your prophetic voice for solidarity and justice. As nationalism, patriarchy, and alt-right fear-mongering threaten our troubled nation, the pulpit has again become a subversive space of sacred resistance. In this provocative and powerful collection of sermons from diverse pastors across America, hear the brave and urgent voice of Christians calling for radical change rooted in love, solidarity, and justice. Preaching as Resistance resists, confronts, and troubles the dangerous structures of authoritarianism and oppression crashing in from all sides – and proclaims the transformation, possibility, and hope to stir in the gospel of Christ.

From … churches in big cities to rural congregations in red states, preaching as resistance is practiced in a wide variety of social contexts and preaching styles, inspiring and equipping listeners to respond to the call of justice. … Preaching as Resistance also provides the opportunity to experience hopeful, welcoming Christian voices rooted in the gospel values of love, solidarity, and justice. In these challenging times when Christianity is so often misrepresented, misunderstood, and misused for unjust agendas, take heart and find your own voice in this collection of resistance sermons from everyday pastors across the country.”

Please contact Laura Caffry at 496-6120 or LCaffry@gmavt.net if you would like to participate. She will order the books from the UCC website. They are $8.99 each plus shipping. You can settle up after you receive your book. Chances are we will hold the meetings on Sunday mornings before worship, but that will be determined after the interested parties step forward.