Art Among Us: Summer 2019

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“The Art Among Us” will be our part of this year’s Festival of the Arts in August.  We have described the show this way:  “Revealing ourselves, sharing our inner most thoughts, letting others in.  For many, the art we make for ourselves, is kept for ourselves.  Sharing it, hanging it on a wall, letting others see what we have created can be a difficult step.  But once done can be liberating, exciting, freeing.”

This is our show, the work we have created.  We expect over 15 members of our congregation to share their work.  Woven wall hangings, hand-made wooden furniture, photographs, paintings and pen and ink drawings are all work that have been submitted for the show.

The Church will be open for the show from noon to 4 pm on August 3-4, 10-11, and 17-18. Opening Reception, Sunday, August 4, 12-2 pm.


photos:  David Rivera – watercolor, pencil and marker/ Aurora Cunningham, charcoal on paper.