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Last Sunday Joshua Faulkner and Megan Nedzinski, members of our congregation, helped open up our Creation Care series. Megan brought a pumpkin to share with the children and sent them to class with some dried seeds. Joshua shared words from Wendell Berry and some of his own insights working with farmers and sustainable farming projects. They both reminded us of the gifts of the earth and that love for neighbor includes love of the earth. It is after all, the ground beneath all our feet.

This week we will be looking at stewardship of the air we breathe and the sky above us. Pat Folsom, a congregant and passionate birder, will share some of her insights and thoughts and we will look and see what scripture says about air and sky.

Next week we will be talking about water. This will be a special reflection and time to think about living water as we celebrate the sacrament of baptism. The world around us is a gift to treasure and whether we are on the slopes, at the river, or taking in the foliage and change of seasons these sights and experiences are all gifts from the creation God has given us to enjoy and tend. Care of creation is not so much a duty, but our response to the love and gifts of God that surround us every day. We hope you will join us as we breathe deep the breath of life and wade into the living waters of God’s endless love.

See you Sunday,