The Blessings of Creation are Ours to Count

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Waitsfield United Church

The leaves have begun to turn colors and the children are in school. Fall sports programs are in full gear but the temperature still speaks of summer. We have observed and felt the blessings and the challenges of this warm weather through August and September and it raises questions about how the earth, atmosphere and bodies of water are changing. Although some folks question climate change, it is hard to deny that the human community has been rough on the gifts of creation.  We have all discovered that our resources are not endless. As people of faith we are called to care for creation, to be good stewards not just of our personal resources but of all the blessings God has provided.

This summer when I was at our UCC camp at Rock Point in Burlington, there were a couple of hot and humid days when the students could not swim in the Lake as the algae blooms were close to shore. That meant water play was off limits until another day and the groans could be heard across camp. This particular issue is being addressed by our State but it is one of the changing realities for all of us here in Vermont. In the month of October we will have a three-part series in worship on Care of Creation. This will be a shared effort with Joshua Faulkner, Megan Nedzinski and Pat Folsom working with me to create meaningful worship and a deeper understanding of how we can be better stewards of creation. We are excited to dive into the topics of earth, sky and water and look forward to exploring this with you.

When God created each element he uttered “it is good”.  Our taking time to learn more about creation care is good too!