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Weekly News and Notes

April 13, 2016

Dear Waitsfield UCC Family and Friends,

On Sunday we welcomed four new members into our Church community.  It was a lovely day and exciting to know that new people continue to find our congregation a place to call home.

This week there was a wonderful Still Speaking devotional that I have attached here as a link.  In it, a Pastor between churches spoke to the ease and comfort that comes with sleeping in on Sunday morning and having time to read the New York Times from cover to cover.  But she notices that she is different not being connected to the church.  She acknowledges her tendencies toward losing balance and getting out of sorts in spirit.  She speaks to the reality that the church might carry on without her, but she needs the church to carry on in a manner with which she values.

We can all make “due” without each other….but how we do is another matter.  It is truly a joy when we are together singing, praying and leaning into the love and lessons of God through scripture and worship.  Last Sunday was a good reminder that we need each other and together we are better, richer and stronger than when we try to go it alone.  And what a wonderful church family this is.  We are so blessed!  Let’s keep sharing that good news so others might discover it too.

See you Sunday,


check out the link:  http://www.ucc.org/daily_devotional_why_i_need_church_more_than_it_needs_me?utm_campaign=dd_apr12_16&utm_medium=email&utm_source=unitedchurchofchrist

This Week:

April 17 Sunday:     Worship 10:00AM

Discussion Group 11:30-12:30 – Reflections on Faith

April 19: Tuesday: Council Mtg. 7PM

Next Sunday April 24:   Worship: One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday

Events that are Coming:

  • Community Supper on April 29th Come and bring a friend.

One Great Hour of Sharing

Violent political actions all over the world have created waves of refugees and displaced people, unable to return home for fear of their lives.  Natural disasters have disrupted communities too, displacing people from their homes and livelihoods. OGHS donations fund UCC sustainable development, refugee and disaster ministries.  The theme this year is:  Go the Extra Mile.  Please consider giving to this worthy cause to be collected on April 24th.  Thank you.

  • Vermont Conference of the UCC Annual Meeting:  April 29-30, Peggy Stokes and Rev. Nancy McHugh will be attending the Annual meeting at Lake Morey.  We look forward to coming back and sharing with you all the exciting things that are going on in the Conference.  We would like another delegate to attend, if you are interested, please let Rev. McHugh know.
  • Tuesday, APRIL 26TH 7-8 P.M. TAIZE SERVICE AT THE WARREN CHURCH LED BY JEROME MONACHINO AND OTHER ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE MUSICIANS. Taizé worship is the creation of a monastic community in Taizé, France, founded in the 1940s by a Swiss man known as Brother Roger. The brothers there—100 in number, from all over the world—emphasize contemplative prayer, serving others and reconciliation between divided peoples and divided Christians. Through scripture, silence and repetitive sung prayer, participants are enabled to more deeply experience the peace that Christ offers.  This kind of service has become immensely popular with young people, with tens of thousands of teens and 20-somethings from all parts of the globe going every year to spend time at the monastery in France.  This will be an opportunity for you to experience yet another kind of worship. We think you’ll like it.

Other Dates to Remember:

May 1, 10 am     Communion

May 8, 10am      Anthem Sunday

May 15, 10am: Pentecost Sunday and Confirmation Celebration @ Warren Church.

Sabbatical Update: Nancy will be taking Sabbatical this Spring as of May 16, 2016 and will be returning to us July 18th. During that time there will be Pastoral Coverage and a wonderful opportunity to experience worship under the leadership of Rev. Deb Ingram and Rev. Mark Pitton. A brochure explaining the purpose of Sabbatical and a little about what Nancy will be doing will be available on the table in the Narthex in the next week or two.

The Mad Marathon is Sun., July 10th! We’re looking for volunteers to help at mile marker 19 (East Warren Rd. & Plunkton Rd.) to give out water, Gatorade, “Gu” and encouragement to the runners. Time frame is between 8 and 1:00. If you’re able to help, please contact Ann Eardensohn at 496-2560 or e-mail: budjints@gmavt.net