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March 3, 2016

Lenten Greetings to you all!

We have been reading the Gospel of Mark. In this gospel we hear the disciples struggle with what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. They anticipate moving into positions of power and prestige and Jesus keeps reminding them that the Kingdom of God is a very different kind of kin-dom. It is not one of power and might but rather one of service, hospitality and compassion. The disciples act like they understand, but over and over again they miss the point.

As we navigate the realities of our own lives we can’t help but see the ways that we too have bought into the desire to have recognition and position.  The call to discipleship means living with intention and attention to the ways of love, kindness and grace. May this season of Lent slow you down so that following in the ways of Jesus come more instinctive – Blessings on your journey.

See you Sunday!


This Week:

Sunday March 6: 10am – Worship  Fourth Sunday of Lent/communion

11:30am Adult Ed Discussion group (see below)

4:00 to 5:30 – Confirmation Class

Next Week:

Sunday Mar. 13       10:00am – Worship

Women’s Retreat  4:00-6:00 – Fellowship Hall- Potluck and Conversation

Information and Activities to consider:

Adult Ed opportunity @ WUCC for Lent–11:30 to 12:30, everyone welcome.  We will view brief videos and follow it with a discussion of that topic and the material presented.  This is an informal discussion group that will provide us with an opportunity to grow and think critically and constructively about issues of our day and what it means to be people of faith.  Consecutive sessions are not necessary, come as you are able.

Women’s Mid-Winter Retreat: Hold the date of March 13 from 4-6pm. Even if you have never gone on the fall retreat you are welcome to join us for this informal conversation, reflection and potluck here at the church. Contact Dorothy Peck for further information.


Holy Week: Maundy Thursday: March 24 here at 7pm with Warren.

Easter services at: 7am at Knoll Farm and 10am here in Sanctuary

Spiritual Practices you might add during Lent:

  • Read a portion of the Gospel of Mark each day.  This is the Gospel we are working though in worship.
  • Be intentional about praying for a particular person or situation every day through these 40 days.
  • Make a phone call or send email to someone you miss at church, one each week through Easter.  Let them know you/we miss them.
  • Send a card or visit someone on the prayer list
  • Read the Stillspeaking devotional each day:
  • Add a good deed to your busy schedule each day, it will feed you.
  • Memorize a passage of scripture or a wisdom saying and hold it in your heart throughout Lent
  • When you wake in the morning, consider one of these questions or prayers:
  1. Walk with me today, O Lord so that I might truly encounter life in its fullness.
  2. How can I be your open vessel today?
  3. Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me

as I move through this new day.  (see Isa.51)