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February 18, 2016

Lenten Greetings to Everyone!

This winter has been full of surprises.  A week of upper 40’s and stretches of minus temperatures and everything in between, reminds us not only that we live in Vermont where weather changes without notice, but we also live open to possibility.   If we ponder that reality, “living open to possibility”, we can’t help but see that it is a life lived boldly.  It means not being afraid of the unknown, of living with confidence that in God we can do all things.  Living with an open heart and mind makes us a bit vulnerable, yet strong in the courage of our faith.   As we go through Lent, consider the ways you live boldly as a person of faith.  Using the weather as our metaphor, how do you cope with the unknown?  What do you do to steady yourself on the icy pathways of life?  It takes awareness and preparation to receive what Mother Nature has to offer and it takes an embolden faith to travel the road to Jerusalem.  It is, indeed, a bold life.

May your life of prayer, study, worship and fellowship all embolden your faith and deepen your roots in the love and grace of God as you travel through this Lenten season.

See you Sunday,


This Week:

Sunday Feb. 21: 10am Worship: First Sunday of Lent: Mark 10: 32-52

+Giving from the Heart grocery bags will be blessed.

(last week we collected what we had but waited for this

Sunday to bless them, so bring your bag if you haven’t


11:30am Adult Ed Discussion group (see below)

11:15am Inquirers group to explore membership at WUCC

Tuesday Feb. 23:   Lunch to Mt. Ellen for Adaptive Ski Racers and Coaches

We will be gathering at WUCC to cook and prepare at 9am,

lunch at the mountain will begin at 12noon.

Friday Feb. 26:     Free Community Supper, WUCC hosting, (see below)

Further Information and Activities to consider:

Sunday February 21:   Have you been thinking about joining WUCC?  If so, we will be holding an inquirers class to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and explore what it means to be a member of this congregation and of the UCC in general.  Let Rev. McHugh know if you are interested.  Come join the conversation without obligation.  All are welcome.

Adult Ed opportunity @ WUCC for Lent–Beginning Sunday Feb. 21, from 11:30 to 12:30.  We will view brief videos with interviews of well-known Theologians, Pastors and Spiritual leaders of our day.  After each video we will have a discussion of that topic and the material presented.  This is an informal discussion group that will provide us with an opportunity to grow and think critically and constructively about issues of our day and what it means to be people of faith.  Consecutive sessions are not necessary, come as you are able.

GIVING FROM THE HEART is a mission project to benefit the Valley Food Shelf. Due to extreme cold weather last week we decided to wait to complete this project until this Sunday, so bring your bag to worship if you haven’t already and we will dedicate all of our donations this week.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Thompson at 496-2406. Thank you for supporting our neighbors.

February 23, 2016:  Vermont Adaptive will be having a special program up at Mt. Ellen.  We will be supplying lunch to approximately 30+ people on Tuesday. We will be working with Confirmation students to bring this to the skiers and coaches at noon. Meet at church at 9am to prepare food. Give Nancy a call if you want to participate: 496-9511.

Friday February 26 is our next Community Supper. Come and bring someone who has not come before….meet friends and share a great meal. Everyone is welcome. See signup sheets downstairs or contact Vince Gauthier.        

Spiritual Practices you might add during Lent:

  • Read a portion of the Gospel of Mark each day. This is the Gospel we are working though in worship.
  • Be intentional about praying for a particular person or situation every day through these 40 days.
  • Make a phone call or send email to someone you miss at church, one each week through Easter. Let them know you/we miss them.
  • Send a card or visit someone on the prayer list
  • Read the Stillspeaking devotional each day: http://www.ucc.org/daily_devotional
  • Add a good deed to your busy schedule each day, it will feed you.
  • Memorize a passage of scripture or a wisdom saying and hold it in your heart throughout Lent
  • When you wake in the morning, consider one of these questions or prayers:
  1. Walk with me today, O Lord so that I might truly encounter life in it’s fullness.
  2. How can I be your open vessel today?
  3. Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me

as I move through this new day. (see Isa.51)