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On Saturday August 18th   the Waitsfield and Warren United Churches of Christ went for the third year to do a work day at the Pease Farm in Middlesex.  Pease Farm is a therapeutic riding facility where many children discover the love of horses and riding as well as develop new skills and abilities.  This year we helped to jack up an old hay barn, cleared fence lines from high grasses and cleared pasture land of rocks.  There was also some painting and other labors of love accomplished.  Every year we have a great time working together on the farm.  What a joy it is to love our neighbors and to help in this very concrete way.  

Many hands at Pease Farm

2012 Summer Mission of Hands & Heart

Below see the letter of thanks written by Sarah Seidman after we said goodbye. 

Dear Revs. Susan and Nancy and Warren / Waitsfield UCC Friends,                           8-18-12

I finally got a break after tedding the hay and I could hardly believe it when I walked around and saw all the work that you accomplished today.  My little saggy barn was standing up straighter than it has in decades. The fence lines stretched away without a clinging weed in sight.  The stones large and small were trundled over to line the paddock drainage, the front of the second hay wagon shone with its new paint, and I took what I am sure is a very wicked pleasure in seeing all those blackberry canes put to their doom. (If you do not believe in resurrection, just come back next year and it shall be revealed.)

I felt a mixture of gratitude and embarrassment as I glimpsed each of you putting not just your body but your heart into the hard and sometimes prickly process of helping sustain a family farm.  I went back and forth several times between thinking: I really don’t deserve all this help, and then just feeling waves of gratitude at having the help, anyway.

 I do not have a formal religious background. But I think what I felt was something you folks might call the grace of God.  I felt it once before, when I went with my daughter to a gathering and it was, unexpectedly, a luncheon potluck and we had brought nothing at all to share. And yet we were invited to eat. It  was so humbling and it cracked my heart wide open to be fed this luscious meal when we had done nothing at all to “deserve” it.   Maybe that is what the grace of God feels like, to know that help is all around whether we deserve it or not. It just is.  And in that spirit, I am accepting and honoring this precious gift of time and thought and effort you gave the farm today. Thank you so much, one and all.  I know that with your help, I am continuing to make the farm a place where the healing work of horse-assisted therapy can happen.     Sarah Seidman