Sabbatical Update: May 17

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“The whole purpose of the Bible, it seems to me, is to convince people to set the written word down in order to become living words in the world for God’s sake. For me, this willing conversion of ink back to blood is the full substance of faith.”
—Barbara Brown Taylor,
Leaving Church

This quote by Barbara Brown Taylor was noted in an online magazine that I receive  and I thought I would share it with you.  It is well said and thought provoking.   Being on Sabbatical and away from routines of church life I am reminded that faith and being a member of the body of Christ is not something we don on like a robe when the time is right, but it is part of the fabric of our being.  We are all children of God, called, not just to faithful reading of sacred texts, (although that is an  important element of being faithful),  but to faithful living in our daily life. We are called to be light in darkness and hope in the midst of despair…to transmit God’s love with our hands and our gentle spirit, with our acts of compassion and eyes of love.  As we move through this time of renewal in Sabbath rest and the delight of spring unfolding, let us ask ourselves each day…. “how am I becoming the living words in this place for God’s sake today?”  May the living God who loves you and lives in you, bring you peace and joy in all you say and do this day and may the radiant light of God’s love shine through you!

I am grateful for this time a part and look forward to being with you again  in June,

Blessings with love to all,