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I know that it is 2012 and many of you are avid bloggers and Facebook communicators, but I am just getting on board. I am excited to share with you that I finally figured out how to write a blog with a link in it so I can share with you something I found meaningful. So here I am suggesting that you click on the link below to see what has triggered my thoughts today.

This morning as I read Anthony Robinson’s devotional in our Still Speaking daily reading (which come from the denomination), I thought it was a good one to share. Robinson’s words reminded me not only of the challenges of parenting but of being a part of the body of Christ and the significance of the Passing the Peace during worship. As we mingle for those few minutes each Sunday morning, we are reminded that we are not in worship simply for ourselves, but that we are there for one another…to be connected through touch, eye contact and spirit to be the living body of Christ. HERE IS THAT LINK.

This brief encounter is a very important time of coming into…and being awakened to the power and grace of being God’s people together. We may come to church alone, but we are called to be the Community of Christ…connecting, loving, reaching out and being Christ to each other and the world. Today may you find someone with whom you can share the peace of Christ and be God’s loving presence in the world. Blessings!