My 40 Day Trial

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Over the last 40 days I have faced a personal journey that required a new kind of strength.   I was a daughter caring for  parents in crisis.  One parent dealing with the distortions of life and reality that come with dementia and the other one facing  a terminal illness that was moving rapidly.  The demand of being a faithful daughter meant being far away from my calling as a pastor in a small parish.  I was torn between my love for both, but knew the needs of my parents had to come first.  I share this with you because I am convinced that this situation would have been untenable without the sustaining presence and power of the Holy Spirit.   And that experience, I am certain, did not happen because of my prayers alone.

The community of faith is more than the sum of its parts when we trust in the abiding love of God in and through the Holy Spirit.  Through our prayers the Holy Spirit begins to work, not only in us individually, but also through others, friends and strangers and in the world.  It is unpredictable and immeasurable.   But it is palpable if we pay attention to God at work in our lives.

We might not move mountains with our prayers, but we can urge and ignite the Spirit to move and come alive among us.

There were many times when after a 10 hour care giving day I was raw and exhausted, but never without knowing there was yet more spiritual nourishment and undergirding left to get through the night and next day.  YOUR prayers made a difference in my life, in the life of my mother and father, in my brothers’ lives and in the life of my husband and children.  Your prayers were powerful because they were in the hands of the Spirit of God.  And with God, all things are possible.

The next time you wonder if it makes any difference if you pray….call me.  I will remind you.  And let’s remember, it doesn’t have to be a crisis to pray for one another…we can pray for one another every day, in good times and in bad.

Make a list of people you want to pray for each day….keep it by your bed or desk or phone….and pray for each person….and they will know the difference, even if you don’t.  Trust that God is at work and that your prayers, in God’s hands, make a difference.

May you be filled with the Spirit of God and know her peace and grace today and always.

In Christ’s  service, Nancy.