Tropical Storm Irene, an unwelcomed guest?

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Irene came and went in a matter of hours, but the wake of her passing through town will last forever.   We have attached a couple of photos from the storm.  One picture is the field behind the church on Sunday late afternoon, August 28th.  This field was usually a hay field that was harvested by Alan Neill.  This year, it was cut through by Irene and the raging Mad River.

Once a hayfield, now a lake

Once placid hayfield is a lake for 2 days.

The second picture is of the wonderful volunteers who came to help us pump out the 6’ of water that filled the basement below the fellowship hall.   Fortunately there was no damage to our sanctuary or the dining area or classrooms.  The heater is a different story, but more news will come about that matter.  Now we want to extend sincere thanks to Michael and Scott Kingsbury and their crew, the Waitsfield Fire department and Vince Gauthier who has been overseeing this recovery process for our building.  There are many others who offered their support and help on that Monday and the days that followed.  Please know we are grateful for all the helping hands.

Flood Clean Up, Irene

Members and friends help clean up after Irene

Our prayers go out to all who have been affected by this storm.  Many of us have been volunteering around the community and want to make ourselves available to any others who might need labor and assistance.  Our Community Service Team is a shared work force of Warren and Waitsfield members who will come work for free, so please call if you are in need of help, especially in the wake of this overwhelming disaster.  Calls can be taken at: 496-3065…leave a message and we will call you back.

One last comment.  We know that God does not rain down destruction upon us, but in the midst of this natural disaster we know that God is with us and working through us.  It is very apparent in the love and care that has been demonstrated throughout these last two week.  May we continue to see the Still Speaking God through all those who offer compassion and generously reach out to others.  Grace and peace to all.