Like the song says, We Are Family….

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Today I opened the Daily Devotional put out by our denomination.  See the link on this page to read it.  The devotional is a piece written by Rev. Lillian Daniels who is one of my favorite writers.  In this article she talks about the fact that this week is the 28th General Synod for the United Church of Christ and thousands of people from all over the United States will be gathering for church business, worship and workshops….not to mention networking and reunions.  Synod is one of the most exciting times and events that happens in the life of the larger church because it brings us all together and reminds us that we are family.

We know that the Apostle Paul talks about being one body in Christ,  with many members.  Most often we think of that in relationship to our local congregation and how we are one church with many members.  But when it comes to Synod, we are one body with many member Churches, Associations, Conferences and regions.  The many members, number in the tens of thousands.  How cool is that?  We are all one family even when we are unacquainted due to distance and location, but we are sisters and brothers in Christ.  This week you are encouraged to keep our denomination and all of those delegates gathered in Tampa in prayer.  Pray that the work might be fruitful, that the connections might be rich and the learning opportunities empowering.  And may we all benefit from the fruits of this tremendous event for our Church and God’s people.

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