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You’ve heard the good news, we hope: in this season of resurrection, one of the sites of new life is that of Vacation Bible School!  During the week of July 19-22, a visitor to this ecumenical venture to be held at the Warren Church will find children and adults of our community involved in a variety of activities to learn about God’s engagement in human history as recorded in the Bible.  They will also be experiencing for themselves the love and life God has for us right now–through exuberant praise and singing, puppetry, re-creational games, Bible stories and drama, arts and crafts projects, and the sharing of food.  In short, there will be lots of joyful energy, caring interactions, and faith formation happening here. We are so grateful to Amanda Morse and Lisa Hodgson for heading up this effort.  Both are enthusiastic and capable; they are also NEW at this, so will welcome as much help as possible.   If you want to do YOURSELF a favor, contact Amanda Morse (583-1994 or amandamorse34@yahoo.com) to get involved as much or as little as your life can allow.  There will be an organizing meeting at the Warren Church Thursday, April 28th at 6:30 P.M.