Prayer Group on Hiatus

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Tuesday morning prayer group has been meeting for 5 years.  This group gathered initially to pray for the needs of this congregation at a time when we were wandering in our own wilderness of discernment.  Prayer group has played a significant role in keeping us grounded in faith and trusting God for the unknown future.

Over the last couple of years the composition and direction of our group shifted and grew as the spirit lead us.  Now it seems a good time to rest.  So the Tuesday morning prayer group will no longer be meeting, but we will be discerning what shape or form prayer groups will have in our congregational future.  We extend heartfelt thanks to Dorothy Peck for her faithful leadership and abiding presence throughout these five years.

Let us all continue to pray for our church and one another be it Tuesday mornings or any other time.  Should we resume again in the fall….YOU will be the first to know.  If you have ideas or suggestions about a prayer group or experience feel free to speak to Dorothy or Rev. McHugh.