Our Thinking Need Not be 2000 Years Old

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How do we keep our faith fresh and alive in this post-modern world?  Sometimes worship isn’t enough and we all know faith and religion is not a topic that gets much attention in our daily interactions with others.

So…let’s change that….let’s get engaged in  keeping our faith and our thinking about faith, alive.  One way we can do that is to do it together through conversation and study, through thoughtful interactions and sharing of ideas and concerns.

During this season of Lent we are watching the Marcus Borg series and talking about traditional concepts of faith and how we have begun to grow and change as faithful adults.  We are discussing what we believe about God, about who Jesus was and is to us now, about being community, all of which, Borg sheds new light and perspectives.

But… we could be looking at other authors and topics as well as we move into the months ahead.   Here are two books and authors we might consider taking up for study and discussion.  One is Rob Bell with his new book Love Winshere is a powerful video to watch  to get a sense of what he addresses in this book.

Another might be Brian McLaren’s new book, Naked Spirituality.  The link noted here (book title) will take you to the HarperCollins review site.  Notice on the top right the video…again it might spark some consideration for new discussions.

Please know I am not suggesting that we believe the same way…but let’s talk about what it is we do believe.  Opening up the conversation will help us all discover more about our faith and what it means in our daily living.

See you Sunday!   Nancy