Holy Humor Sunday May 1

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HOLY HUMOR SUNDAY, MAY 1ST Our church will join with the Warren UCC for 10:00 worship on that day to celebrate “Holy Humor Sunday”.  For centuries in Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant countries, the week following Easter Sunday, including “Bright Sunday” (the Sunday after Easter), was observed by the faithful as “days of joy and laughter” with parties and picnics to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Churchgoers and pastors played practical jokes on each other, drenched each other with water, told jokes, sang, and danced.  The custom was rooted in the musings of early church theologians (like Augustine, Gregory of Nyssa, and John Chrysostom) that God played a practical joke on the devil by raising Jesus from the dead. “Risus paschalis – the Easter laugh,” the early theologians called it. This celebration has been resurrected in the Warren Church for the past 3 years, with great acclaim.  Bring funny (clean) jokes and stories, as well as a readiness to laugh.