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If you missed Annual Meeting or a recent worship service, then you will want to know that the Spirit is at work in new ways in our congregation.  Good things are beginning to happen in a variety of ministries.  Over the course of the last nine months we have had three congregational gatherings called, Dreaming over Dessert.  These gatherings provided for all of us the opportunity to dream about the future of our church.  The focus question for these discussions was: What is God calling us to be and do in the days ahead?
We all know that Church as we have known it in the past, is changing as is, our society.  What use to be our tradition and the way we always did things, is not working like it used to and we are facing the need to be creative and innovative about the way we are being Church.  As we shared with each other our dreams for being church and the ways we believe God is calling us to move into the future, two things became clear.  We need to find more ways to open our doors (and ourselves) to the broader community while also getting ourselves out into the world more.  This two-fold focus has brought to the surface many new possibilities and ideas.

Three of those ideas are already beginning to take shape.  To date, some of our dreams are near completion, some are in the works and some are still simply dreams. The first project that came up was getting ourselves connected to the social network and the younger generation.  Young adults shop for churches online and look for information, not through newsletters, but through blogs and websites.  Therefore, we began a new plan for the website we had with a new direction and method of communicating with the world.  www.waitsfieldchurch.org is our new website.  Some of you are reading this on that site, others are reading it via the newsletter.  If you haven’t checked out our new website please do, it is wonderful and evolving everyday as we get better at using and keeping it updated.
The second issue that rose up was the need to update/renovate our fellowship hall and Sunday school room.  This had been a dream of a couple of people already so with the encouragement of our conversations, they spoke with a architect, our own Bill Gallup.  Together they developed a renovation floor plan that would make our church more energy efficient, more useful and accessible to the wider community.  When presented as a basis for continuing the dream at Annual meeting, it was met with tremendous enthusiasm.  While this dreaming was happening we were also approached by a person who is interested in helping us make this dream come true by being a substantial donor.  So we are continuing these discussions on February 27 and March 12h following those services, one on Sunday and one on Saturday.  Everyone is invited to come share your ideas, hopes and dreams for this space in our Church for the future.

The third desire was to get out into the world and be church outside of our building.  Given that finances is always a consideration when we do mission trips far from home, we discovered that there are a couple of things we can do here in New England.  Vince Gauthier is working on the plans for two mission trips.  One is an overnight to help a camp in NH prepare for Summer campers and the other is a week long effort in Maine.  Both will help us get out into the world to be the hands and feet of Christ at work for others.  More information on both of these opportunities will be forth coming.

Dreaming and allowing the spirit of God to speak to us through new ideas and opportunities is a wonderful way for us to move forward.  We will continue to have more Dreaming over Dessert conversations and we hope you will be actively involved in this exciting…spirit generated experience.  See you on Sunday.  Keep dreaming….and let us know…What’s your dream?